HoughtonBudd Architects

Postgraduate Architecture Student Live Project
Riverside Terrace Structure 2012

The Stanley Picker Gallery sits on a small island, the site of an old mill in the Hogsmill River, its upstream riverbanks immortalised in Millais’ painting of Ophelia (1851-52). In response to a brief to allow access to the Gallery’s riverside terrace via secure routes, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture Live Project students, led by architect Andrew Budd, created this structure of sustainable Portuguese cork oak block and mild sheet steel. The project innovatively exploits two highly contrasting materials, combining the organic qualities of the sensual yet resilient cork with the hard linearity of the plate metal, both of which, in their own way over time, will subtly respond to the elements; the structure providing a gently evolving haven that effectively highlights the venue’s unique river island location.

David Falkner, Director Stanley Picker Gallery


Photographs by Ellie Laycock