HoughtonBudd Architects

RIBA International 2 Stage Competition

Our proposal for the new Ullswater Club House used the existing site and employed a straightforward, compact plan and associated scale in response to the dramatic landscape of Cumbria and the immediate context of the lake.

Set back from the waters edge to provide direct views from the first floor race office the new clubhouse comprised two floors providing the accommodation and functions required; raised above ground at its base the building provided near level access at ground floor to accommodate the heavy rains that inundate the area to the front of the building during a typical season.

The ground floor contained the functional accommodation required including male and female changing areas, showers and wc's. The first floor being designed as a single uninterrupted space bordered by the various functions required, race office, training room and bar together with a stair linking both floors.

The extensive glazing facing Ullswater connected the building to its setting and also allowed views of the various activities taking place out on the water. A generous veranda will providing additional sitting and viewing opportunities.

Our proposal uses a simple, robust palette of materials to reflect the sites setting and the technical and budgetary constraints of the brief. The exposed concrete structure of the building will be shuttered using reclaimed timber boards as a memory of the previous building, the new external timber cladding being stained in a natural dark tone to reflect the colour of the trees that border the site.

Large roof lights will provide both daylight and unexpected moments of drama within the clubhouse.


Preliminary study, watercolour and painted paper

http://houghtonbudd.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-15_HB Ullswater Yacht Club (A2).jpg