HoughtonBudd Architects

A cramped and poorly planned 1930's semi-detached house was re-configured and enlarged to create a light filled family home. Utilising an existing stair location a new 2 storey addition was built using a higly insulated timber frame clad with traditionally hung black slates as a response to the existing roofing and as an indirect reference to a favourite holiday destination of the client and her 2 children.

The ground floor wraps around a rear corner of the house and doubles the size of an existing kitchen and also allows a new dining room to be added. A new utility room faces the garden and a glazed door is configured to provide a direct line of sight from the hall.

The first floor is comprised chiefly of a new timber clad stair and a suite of rooms for our client, including master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and dressing room.

Large openings mitigate the closed nature of the construction, draw daylight into the property and offer views of the semi-rural nature of the sites location.

Internally the rooms are designed to be simple light filled spaces, The 'softness' of the Douglas Fir floor boards and painted plastered walls providing a neutral back drop to the families daily rituals and activities.


Photographs by Sue Barr